Prophets of Rage (full concert) - Live @ Zénith de Paris

  1. Intro
    (DJ time with DJ Lord
  2. Prophets of Rage
    (Public Enemy cover) 
  3. Testify

  4. Take the Power Back

  5. Living on the 110

  6. Hail to the Chief

  7. Guerrilla Radio

  8. Legalize Me

  9. Fight the Power
    (Public Enemy cover)

  10. Hand on the Pump / Can't Truss It / Insane in the Brain / Bring the Noise / I Ain't Goin' Out Like That / Welcome to the Terrordome / Jump Around

  11. Sleep Now in the Fire

  12. Like a Stone
    (Audioslave cover)

  13. Cathedral
    (Van Halen cover)

  14. Know Your Enemy

  15. Bullet in the Head

  16. Unfuck The World

  17. How I Could Just Kill a Man
    (Cypress Hill cover)

  18. Bulls on Parade

  19. Killing in the Name


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